Keepers of our Future

In the last Imagination Night of the 2018/2019 Hub season, we explore a world of musical meaning that sifts beyond the conventional – presenters on the night are Monthati Masebe (Konka Kontinental) and Herman Theron (Reakopana Online), an unlikely couple at first glance but united in their love for music. Monthati is a music composer and passionate cultural advocate who sees the importance in cultural preservation methods that will form part of the present and future. Herman is the founder of Reakopana Online, an education technology company that makes music education affordable and accessible in Africa.

Tapping into ancestry, the present and the future that accentuates the importance of re-connection, the two aim to help the audience discover facets to musical expression that resonate a personal and unifying value. Make sure to not miss this Imagination Night, as it will surely be one for the books - with musical performances and thought-provoking discussions on the importance of music archives and education.
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